Danny Way Is Inspirational

Danny Way has always been a huge inspiration to me.  He’s one of my hero’s, is an icon, and a living legend.  He’s the most respected skateboarder in the world, goes bigger than anyone, and never gives up.

When I was a little kid I wanted to be a pro skater. Danny Way has been my all-time favorite skateboarder ever since then.

First met Danny five or six years ago.  Yesterday I grabbed a last minute ticket to California from Hawaii and was so stoked Danny was on the same flight.

Sat next to each other so we could rap out to pass the time throughout the flight. Learned a ton from his wisdom and experience over those five-hours in the air, and am really stoked to meet up for some good waves sometime soon. He’s a cool dude.

Before surfing big waves I like to watch his section in the DC skateboard video, where he first unveils the Mega-Ramp.  He goes so big, and is so fluid and controlled that it makes me want to emulate him and transfer that psych and confidence into riding really big waves.  I even put the Metallica song in my head that is playing in the video when I’m paddling out on those huge days.

Danny has jumped the Great Wall Of China on a skateboard, as well as broken a ton of distance, height, and speed world records. Thanks for all the inspiration and drive to go big Danny! Your a legend.

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