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Conner Coffin is a friend who recently sat down with Al Merrick at Channel Islands to come up with a new surfboard that works incredibly well.

I’ve had the chance to ride a few Fred Rubble’s in a variety of conditions and was stoked on their responsiveness, drive, and maneuverability each session.

The Fred Rubble works especially well in Southern California, and is one of the ultimate hybrid-performance shortboards on the market.

“The Fred Rubble is actually quite a bit different than my other boards. It has a lower entry rocker and a wider outline. It has more volume than a Proton, but it isn’t really short and chunky like a Dumpster Diver. It’s just a fun board for waves from waist high to a little over head. I’ve been riding mine two inches shorter than my standard shortboard and 1/4 inch wider. For example, my standard shortboard is a 5’11″ x 18 3/8″ x 2 3/16″ Proton and I ride my Fred Rubble as a 5’9″ x 18 5/8″ x 2 3/16″.

So I’d recommend for you a 5’11″ if your normal board is a 6’1″. – Connor Coffin


Single to double concave and comes standard in a squash tail.


Ridden by Conner in all conditions, from low tide Rincon and dumpy HB, to the fat faced mushy stuff. The wide point is forward to skate over flat sections but with more tail kick than a Flyer so it stays tight when turning hard in the pocket.

Dane claimed best turn of his life on this board in the Rip Curl Search Puerto Rico contest in 2010.

Super spicy and the perfect board to fill the gap between your shortboard and your Dumpster Diver.

Ideal Wave Size:

Waist high to a little over head.

Simply put, the Fred Rubble is a hybrid shortboard for fun waves.

Check out more at Channel Islands online.

A really good alternative to the Fred Rubble made by another leading surfboard builder is the Rusty Misfit designed by Jake Halstead and Rusty Preisendorfer.

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