Rusty Misfit By Jake Halstead

Jake Halstead is a good friend who has been working with Rusty over the past couple years to come up with a board that complements high performance surfing, is perfect for contests, and works well in any condition from knee to head high surf.

Jake and I surf together a lot, and after watching him absolutely kill it on the Misfit session after session, I had to get one.

Been riding the Misfit over the past few months in California, Fiji, and Hawaii. They pivot, skate, wrap-around, carry speed through the flats, and are great for stomping airs. The Misfit rides good in dredging little barrels because it fits in the pocket, is forgiving through progressive maneuvers like nose-picks and tail-wafts, and still goes on rail for power turns.

The Misfit’s a perfect hybrid-shortboard for shredding small waves.

The Misfit has a little more area overall (compared to the Redline and other high performance shortboards).  It’s not wider across the center, but the nose is filled out.

The tail template has a little bump just up from the full rounded squash-tail that allows for good pivot.  It’s single concave through the bottom, and has a real even thickness flow through the whole board, keeping it real skatey.

Video:  Jake shredding the Misfit.

Jake, Rusty, and a bunch of our friends and I really like the Misfit a lot. If you ride hi-performance shortboards, you’ll probably be stoked on it too.

Photo:  Courtesy Pete Taras, SurfingMag.

Popular Misfit sizes and dimensions:

5`8 x 18.25 x 2.15
5`9 x 18.33 x 2.20
5`10 x 18.37 x 2.25
5`11 x 18.54 x 2.25
6`0 x 18.54 x 2.31
6`1 x 18.66 x 2.31
6`2 x 18.78 x 2.37

Check out more on the Misfit at Rusty online.

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One Response to Rusty Misfit By Jake Halstead

  1. Tony Halstead says:

    Yea Monster…thanks for article. Jake is stoked. You were killing it at the “sponge” a few days ago.

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