FCS PC 5 Fins

The FCS PC 5 is a standard and safe fin to go with. It works best for surfers around 150 lbs who want a stiff flex fin that will go well in any board in the quiver.  The PC 5 is a sturdy and practical outline that has stood the test of time.

If the PC 5 were a motorcycle, it would be an enduro.  It works in all conditions, but is not specifically designed to excel in one function or condition over another.

PC stands for Performance Core – material and construction is designed to deliver the feeling of a traditional fibreglass fin with the added performance of reduced weight.

The RTM (Resin Transfer Moulding) process produces a lightweight fin with remarkable flex, and a smooth feel.

Rode them a handful of times in a few different shortboards and thought they were solid and predictable.  They’re a great fin to travel with, especially if your borrowing or renting surfboards.

I recommend the FCS PC 5 to anyone around 150 lbs, who wants a high quality tried and true fin template that will work in any kind of board, and in any kind of surf condition.  A great set of fins to own if they’re the only set you own, and great for traveling if you only want to bring one set.

If you want to get really progressive, check out the Kelly Slater template.

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