Volcom Hooded Puff Puff Jacket

I’m a huge fan of hooded jackets, especially when they come with a comfortable, light, and warm down-stuffed shell that basically feels like your cruising around in the top half of a cozy sleeping bag that doubles as a travel pillow.

Unique features that come with the Volcom Men’s Hooded Puff Puff Jacket are the high zipper and ergonomic hood that squish inside a little pillow case.

If it’s raining or snowing, you can easily fit the Puff Puff into a waterproof shell and keep warm and dry inside the marshmallow cocoon.


What the puff? Incredible but true, this quilted puff jacket actually converts to a travel pillow. Ultra warm, plush and squishy with duck down fill, it’s ideal for travel and belligerent nights when you need to sleep in your truck.


100% Nylon Ripstop with Duck Down Fill

If you like the site and are interested in purchasing the Volcom Men’s Hooded Puff Puff Jacket, please consider going through my links.  You’ll get the best price, and I’ll get a small commission to keep the site moving.

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