Tiare Thompson – The Future Is Bright

Girls surfing is moving forward with more momentum and respect than ever before, and for good reason – they’re going off!

As a traveling surfer who pays close attention to the direction of the “sport,”  I can’t help but notice that there’s a global girl surf movement happening.  Everywhere you paddle out young girls are in the lineup surfing with tons of confidence, style, and talent.

Over the past couple years I’ve had the opportunity to coach, look out for, and mentor a handful of promising young surf stars, and out of the crew, the surfer whom I’ve worked with the most is 10-year-old giant killer, Tiare Thompson.

Growing up surfing the powerful reefs in La Jolla, California, Tiare has already gained really good surfing instincts, judgment, and technique.  Tiare possesses the gift of surfing intuition, which is something that cannot be taught, but is rather gained through experience from starting to surf at a young age, and spending everyday in the water.

Over the past year we’ve seen Tiare’s surfing grow exponentially.  Her approach and maneuvers are fluid, functional, and stylish.  She surfs the pocket, generates speed going rail to rail, and drives each move from a stylish bottom turn in the critical section of the wave.

Tiare is already getting barreled.  Last summer she spun under the lip on a solid set wave that stacked up on the peak at WindanSea, stuck the late drop, and pulled into a double-overhead slabbing tube through a shallow section of the reef.  She came out of the barrel dry, poised, and stoked out of her mind.

Tiare is so fun to watch and surf with because she charges, constantly pushes her own limits with progressive maneuvers, and does so with style.  She inspires us to stay stoked and push our own surfing boundaries.

She’s so awesome to be around in and out of the water, because of her positivity and spirit.

The future of girls surfing is brighter than ever before.  Watch for 10-year-old Tiare Thompson to be one of the forerunners in the next wave of standouts.

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3 Responses to Tiare Thompson – The Future Is Bright

  1. Dawn Moore says:

    Love you Tiare, and super stoked for you! Looking good chica! Keep it up!

  2. Alan Williams says:

    I have watched Tiare for years learning from and surfing with her father Foster.
    I have pushed her into waves and its like launching a missile. What really impresses me most about Tiare is what polite and pleasant girl she is. Tiare is being raised by good parents and and is a talented little surfer, you cant loose with that combination .

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