Vimvida Vitamin Mints

Vimvida Vitamin Mints keep your breath tasting fresh and your immunity strong. Each mild flavored mint is packed with an assortment of vitamins, so you get great flavor and nice smelling breath to go along with all the benefits associated with vitamins. Each mint can be either chewed or savored.

Vimvida Vitamin Mints are ideal for traveling. The easy-slide pack opening keeps your mints in place so they won’t spill, and the thin pack lies flat to fit conveniently into just about any pocket. The mints won’t stick to your teeth or leave them feeling fuzzy because their naturally sugar-free.

All of the ingredients can be found on the back of each pack, and they say six mints a day take care of all of your micronutrient needs.

I like Vimvida Vitamin Mints because they taste fresh, can be chewed, leave your breath smelling great, and are beneficial for your health.  The perfect mint for travelers.

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