Eric Arakawa Round-Pin Step-Up

Grew up watching lot’s of my hero’s like Andy Irons surfing Arakawa’s boards in Hawaii, but it wasn’t until recently that a friend gave me a few to try out – one of which was a 6’8 round-pin step-up for Pipeline.

Was really stoked on how good the round-pin rode in juicy waves. It held it’s rail in the barrel at big Off The Wall, Backdoor, and Pipeline, and still carved insane at wonky Sunset Beach.

A step-up round-pin is a great board for surfing solid powerful waves anywhere in the world, and every surfer should have one in their quiver for the days that produce what could be the barrel of your life.

Highly recommend getting an Arakawa if your planning on spending anytime surfing in Hawaii this season. Check out what the good local surfers are riding in Hawaii and chances are most of them will be killing it on an Arakawa.

About Eric Arakawa:

With over 30 years of experience and having shaped surfboards for over ten World Champions, Eric Arakawa is considered by many to be one of the finest shapers in the world. Used regularly by pros, his boards have been ridden to victory in countless Triple Crowns as well as WCT and WQS events worldwide.

With over 30,000 boards under his belt, Eric has added the distinction of becoming an industry leader in incorporating the now universally accepted CAD technology to improve not only his own designs, but also those of many of his peers. In addition, with advent of new materials, he has been tapped as a consultant for sports industry giant Salomon Inc. as well as a designer for U.S. Blanks, a surfboard blank manufacturer making its mark in the industry.

A great step-up round-pin alternative to the Arakawa is the Rusty Traveler – one of my absolute favorite surfboards.  Most Travelers are shaped at the Rusty factory in San Diego.

Photos: Andy Irons and Reef McIntosh on Arakawa round-pin step-up’s.  Courtesy

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  1. Barry Snyder says:

    Like your site. Would love to have you review one of my boards.
    Thanks, Barry

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