Ted Smith – Barrels In Peace

The WindanSea community recently lost a brother, uncle, and dear friend.

Ted Smith passed away surfing the wave he loved on New Years Eve, 2011.  He was with close friends in the water when he had a sudden heart attack.  The community came together to celebrate his life with a bonfire at the shack shortly after his passing.

I’ve known Ted since before I can remember, and he was one of the coolest guys ever.  He was so stoked and positive.  No matter what was going on in life, he wore a smile and looked at the bright side.  Everyone was always happy to see him.

Ted surfed really good, always rode a shortboard, and looked for the barrel.  One Christmas morning years ago, I watched Ted surf perfect, sunny, glassy WindanSea better than anyone else in the lineup.  He got barreled ten times before walking up the beach with a huge smile.  That’s one of the many awesome memories I’ll always have of him.

Ted’s spirit will live on at WindanSea forever.  Rest in peace my brother.

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6 Responses to Ted Smith – Barrels In Peace

  1. Cheryl says:

    We worked together for many years! You will be greatly missed.

  2. Kevin McCallum says:

    Thanks Monster, so many awesome memories. We have been so lucky to have Ted in our life.

  3. scott boaz says:

    one of my dear dear friends. going to be missed greatly by all of us. don’t quite have the words and that doesn’t happen often. remember surfing a huge day at the cove with him and my friend tad . i was stroking for this monster and there was ted on the shoulder screaming yeah scott go buddy yeah yeah! there was no way in the world i was gonna hair out and let ted down!

  4. Michael says:

    The WindanSea community has lost a gentle soul. We are all richer for knowing Ted. He left us doing what he loved — surfing WindanSea with his crew. The lineup won’t be the same without Ted.

  5. Jason Hallquest says:

    Hi Guys, Weepy for days now….not seeing Ted in the lineup will be hard on all of us that knew and loved him, but I know he surfs on and that our lives are richer for knowing him. That day at Middles, then over to our favorite right, and up to the Shack for laughs- remember Ted? The stiff leg tail stall for the barrel , to that classic roundie on the Rdot pintails- Man! You live and surf on in my mind always, rest in peace my friend…

  6. sharon says:

    Beautiful tribute John. Ted is loved and Sunday was proof! Thank you.

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