White Shark Tracking iPhone App

Sharks interest me more than any other animal so I bought the Expedition White Shark App.  It’s pretty cool, showing a bunch of Great White sharks that are swimming around the Pacific Ocean right now. Each tagged shark has a name with a photo and history to check out.

It’s a fun and educational toy to pass time, and thinking it might grow on me as I get to “know” each tagged shark and follow their surfacing patterns. Feel like a scientist!

One thing that really shocked me after getting the app was learning about the number of shark attacks on humans along the California cost.  There’s a little red shark fin on the Google map pointing out where the attack happened, to go along with the person’s activity during the attack, the date of the attack, and if the victim survived.  Almost all of them were during the summer months. The entire California coast is little red shark fins!

App Info:

Welcome to Expedition White Shark, the world’s first app designed to track adult white sharks in real time! To make this possible, scientists at the Marine Conservation Science Institute (MCSI) attached custom satellite tags to the dorsal fin of adult Great White Sharks, allowing us to follow their movements from satellites orbiting the earth.

The app will allow you to receive live tracking data for the tagged Great White sharks, at the same time as the research scientists.

Positions for the tagged sharks can only be calculated when a shark is swimming at the surface with its dorsal fin out of the water for several minutes, furthermore, one of the ARGOS satellites must be overhead at the very same instant.

App Features:

Tagged white sharks on map.
Facts About the sharks.
Live videos of shark’s tagging Game.
Posting images/videos on Facebook/Twitter.

Check Expedition White Shark online.

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4 Responses to White Shark Tracking iPhone App

  1. case says:

    Here’s a great website with lots of info on white sharks along the West Coast.


  2. Nicole Nasby Lucas says:

    Very appropriate that the photo of the shark you used for this post is Biteface, one of the tagged sharks you get to follow with the app (obviously the photo was before tagging)

  3. awasht says:

    Wow! That’s a pretty amazing app! Wouldn’t be a bad idea to check the app before any surf.. If anything it would at least give you a bit of confidence!

  4. rodgereales says:

    What mom does not know won’t hurt her. Where I live, the last thing I want to do is to check and see how many whites are in the line up.

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