Ted Smith’s WindanSea Paddle Out Ceremony – Celebration Of Life

Ted Smith brought the entire WindanSea community together in celebration of his loving life and spirit, yesterday, the 15th of January, 2012.

Ted was honored by his surfing tribe and the WindanSea community the only way such a positive and awesome surfer and person should be – with a huge memorial gathering, celebration, and traditional paddle out.

The surfing and community bond at WindanSea is so strong that well over 200 of us paddled out to spread his ashes back into the sea at his favorite surf spot, while another couple hundred of his friends and family connected from the beach.

Local legend rock n’ rollers who he used to play with jammed out all Ted’s favorite classics on his guitar, while friends put together a giant feast.  Over 4 generations of surfers, family, friends, and La Jollan’s got together to share stories and spread Ted Smiths aloha!  The turnout was a testament to the stoke he shared with so many of us.

Ted was one of the coolest people I’ve ever known, and growing up watching him surf the Right Hook at WindanSea was so influential to my surfing and approach.  But even more so, Ted’s huge smile was always so true, and his positive attitude was so inspirational, that it touched anyone who knew or even saw him, and for that positivity I am most grateful.

The last time I saw Ted was a week before he passed.  We talked for a while about his favorite surf moments, like Kelly Slater’s latest world championship title (one of his favorite surfers), Chris O’Rourke, and good days at WindanSea.  We were laughing so hard that strangers around us joined in our conversation with smiles and laughter.

During that conversation he gave me an awesome surfing complement that got me so psyched, and I quickly replied that “one day I hope to surf like you Ted.”  He left with that awesome smile, and his voice is still crystal clear in my head.  One day I hope to surf like Ted… Stoked, excited, smooth, passionate, and in the barrel!

Thanks for all the Aloha Ted!!!

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