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Manufacturing Stoke is a roots documentary suggesting solutions to many of the surf industries toxic practices.  The film sheds light on the conflict surfers face when manufacturing and purchasing equipment, and does a great job examining and articulating serious ecological and health issues associated with the equipment that the majority of surfers may not have otherwise understood or even known about.

Manufacturing Stoke is comprised of a compilation of informative interviews from a variety of surf industry manufacturers and eco-minded board-riders, and is pieced together with artistic surf footage and good music.

The message of the film is clear.  We live for surfing in pristine environments, but compromise them for the selfishness associated with buying and building products out of cheap toxic materials.  The cost of neglect toward eco-friendly practices is a serious threat to our children’s future in surfing and all-around quality of life.

Manufacturing Stoke is educational and interesting, and has influenced me to make more environmentally sound decisions.  It’s important for surfers, and anyone else who promotes surf industry merchandise to watch this film.

Click to learn more and download Manufacturing Stoke from their website.

Photo:  Film Director Pierce Michael Kavanagh, and film premier at Birds Surf Shed in San Diego, CA.

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