Scam Targets Grandparents Of Surfers

Grandma got worked by scumbag.

Let your elders know that gangsters are getting surfers identification information and somehow linking it to their grandparents. (A cop told me they get the surfers ID info from surf magazine subscription information).

Recently a crook impersonator called my Grandma pretending to be me. The impersonator told her that he was in a Mexico City hospital with a badly broken nose/face (voice cover) from a bad accident, and needed $5,000 wired through Western Union to a branch in Mainland Mexico right away, so they could get medical attention and a flight home.

The impersonator also told my Grandma not to tell anyone, not even my parents, and that as soon as they got the money they’d be home the following day.

Grandma was scared so she did exactly what they said. She went straight to the bank, took out a $5,000 loan against her credit card (she lives off Social Security), went over to Western Union, and wired the money.

When she called me the following morning to make sure I made it home, we were both shocked to find out what happened.  I called Western Union to put a stop to the transfer but it was way to late.

Coincidentally, when the cops came over to my Grandmas apartment to take the report, the same impersonator called from Mexico requesting more money!  When she went to put the phone on speaker for the officers, the crook hung up right away.

The same scam happened to a friend of mine in Santa Cruz, so keep your grandparents in the loop on this one.

Photo:  Mexican Mafia money made from drugs, killing, prostitution, scams, and slavery.

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