Electric Double Surf Travel Bag 6’7

With airlines getting increasingly tighter on size and weight regulations for surfboard bags (especially on small planes), we are constantly finding ourselves stuck paying ridiculously high prices to travel with our boards, and in some cases getting barred completely from taking any boards on flights at all.

Realizing last minute that the surf trip I’m about to go on involves taking a small domestic jet to arrive at my final destination, I checked out their airline baggage allowance to be sure they will accommodate my 8 foot coffin. Turns out they don’t.  They only take bags under 7 feet and 30 pounds.

It’s these situations that I’m so stoked to have my ultra durable, light, protective, Electric Dual Surfboard Bag. Not only does it look slick holding 2 surfboards, but it’s size and weight is in accordance with just about any airplane, train, and bus baggage regulation.  It’s easy to travel with, and my boards always arrive good as new at my final destination.

The Electric Double Surfboard Bag is not only a great world travel board-bag, it’s also perfect for protecting your boards from sun damage while you spend the day at your local beach, and is very convenient for getting your boards and surf gear to the beach, (especially when walking to a wave like Trestles or Blacks).

It’s a great bag for protecting against dings when cinching boards to the roof of a car, and the poly-webbing that wraps around the entire bag ensures your boards stay in place while driving 90mph on the freeway to make your flight.  It’s stylish enough to add credibility to your rock star first-class tickets as well.


Closed Cell Padding For Extra Protection
Retro Quilt
Cut Resistant Hypalon On Nose & Tail
Extra Padded Handle
Hypalon Zip Pulls
Custom Volt Vent
Interior Padded Board Separator
ID Pocket
Padded Shoulder Handle
75% Polyester
25% Nylon
Dimensions: 6’7″ X 84″ X 22″

Electric always makes high quality, functional products. They’re one of my favorite brands to test and review because the craftsmanship, attention to detail, and style is consistent.

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  1. Lachlan says:


    Would this bag fit 3 FCS boards?


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