Flynnstone Flip

Been looking for this clip for a while.  Flynn Novack lands one of the most incredible airs ever, taking $50,000 and the Kustom Airstrike best air of the year contest win.

It’s a perfect flip that he’s learned how to ride-out with speed at Rocky Point. Since he can stomp and link it together with other moves on the same wave (making it a functional maneuver), the Flynnstone Flip is without a doubt one of the most technically difficult, unique, and perfect surfing airs ever done.  Flynn’s successfully landed a few of them on video.

Flynn’s a great guy. So stoked he recently gained recognition for his air game, (before the win he was most notably known for his tube riding skills at Pipeline).  Taking the Airstrike win will help him afford a filmer to capture more crazy Flynnstone clips for us to trip on in the near future.

Video:  Marcelo Dada

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