Congratulations Derek Dunfee!

Huge congratulations to my good friend Derek Dunfee for scoring his first cover on Surfer Magazine!  It’s a huge complement to his XXL Biggest Paddle Wave Of The Year win a couple years ago, and his Surfer Poll Award for Worst Wipeout last year (pay to play).

Derek has dedicated his life to surfing big swells and has worked to become one of the hardest charging surfers on the planet.  Derek and I grew up together like brothers at WindanSea and driving boats on Tavarua Island, Fiji.  He was the first guy to introduce me to big wave paddle surfing at Mavericks, and Todos Santos Island, Mexico.

All our friends knew about the cover before he did, and held a big surprise party for him with the Surfer Magazine crew at our local hangout, La Rancharita.

Derek’s a positive influence to the surf community, and is not afraid of anything in or out of the water.  Stoked DD!  Check his blog out at

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