Jeff Rowley Jaws Interview

Jeff Rowley, Greg Long, Shaun Walsh, and Albee Layer paddle huge Jaws on the 31st of January, 2012.

Rowley took off on a bomb and later commented on it –

“As the wave was coming I knew I was in the right position, I didn’t want to waste any energy paddling just turn around and go”. “It just picked me up perfectly, It felt like I was riding a magic carpet with my heart in my mouth”.

Rowley’s ride has entered into two categories of the Billabong XXL Global Big Wave awards – “Ride of The Year” and “Monster Energy Monster Paddle In”.

“Everything I’ve worked hard and trained for all my life helped me pull off a ride like this”.

Rowley’s 10’2” gun has been dubbed the ‘Magic Carpet’. “My board has been hammered by waves and rocks, but I trust it with my life”.

On one of the biggest waves of the day, Rowley suffered a horrific wipeout and was pounded so deep he was forced to pull his emergency inflatable airbag wetsuit with mini scuba tank to return to the surface. Rowley said “it was like being caught in a giant cement mixer, it pushed me so deep my ears were hurting and I didn’t think I was coming up, I’m lucky I was able to inflate.”

Rowley continues his personal Charge For Charity – a quest to paddle-in to a 50-foot wave and raise money for Breast Cancer Australia. “I am grateful to everyone who has supported my Charge For Charity. I’m overcoming my fears which are nothing compared to fighting a life threatening disease or illness”.

To donate to Rowley’s Charge For Charity, visit

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