Surfing Google Earth Challenge

Surfing Magazine has brought back their popular Google Earth Challenge. Find a perfect, undiscovered wave, and Surfing Magazine will blow it up, and send you there with a couple pro’s who will take all your waves. it’s actually pretty cool, they found Skeleton Bay through the challenge a few years ago.

Google Earth’s the best electronic advancement for dedicated surfers since on-line swell forecasting. Play and maybe you’ll win a free trip.

How it works from Surfing Magazine –

Download the free Google Earth software, and use the little electronic hand to spin the earth until you find a perfect surf break that nobody has ever ridden. Now do a little research and realize that people have actually been surfing that place for years and they just didn’t tell you. OK, go back and try again. Keep trying until you find a place that has legitimately never been surfed. Yes, it’s probably hard to get there, fickle as hell, and guarded by famished cannibals, but that¹s why it’s never been surfed. And that’s why we’re sending you. We’ll pay and you can be the first to surf the wave. All you’ve got to do is fill in the entry form above with an entry that isn’t awful and you could be on your way to surf yet-to-be-named perfection.

Link to Contest Rules.

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2 Responses to Surfing Google Earth Challenge

  1. tony (ty) carson big island says:

    Great, just what we don’t need, another way to exploit a already diminishing resource, some pimpled faced kid doing what it used to take real hardcore surfers months, or even years to do and sacrifice, all of this sponsored by surfing magazine just to sell copies and make a buck.

  2. Love Perth says:

    There has to be plenty of places in Western Australia that haven’t been surfed, or perhaps they’ve been surfed but due to sharks have never been heard of since.

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