Moroccan Oasis

Was getting dusty in Taghazout, so Sebastian and I decided to take a day trip over the small mountains into the oasis known as Paradise Valley.

The drive was eventful.  We were dodging camels, donkeys, sheep, goats, police, motor bikes, trucks, and locals in the village that holds the gate to the narrow mountain road.  After an hour or two in the car, we arrived at the trail head that marks the 3 kilometer walking path to the crystal pools.

It was a mellow walk, with hippies and mountain goats living in and around small shelters along the way.  The river eventually led us to the pools where there were a handful of locals hanging out.  It was refreshing jumping off the rocks into the mountain water.

Was a good way to spend the day away from the beach.  Oasis’s really do exist in the desert.  I recommend the trip to anyone hanging around Agadir for a while.

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  1. esmail says:

    I’m so lucky to live near of this amazing valley i went there for 14 times ago and i still interesting to go to this valley again some feeling you cant imagine .(-_-)

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