Xcel Drylock TS Split Toe Boot

This review’s a little late, since winter is winding down in the northern hemisphere, but if you’re still interested in keeping your feet warm with the best boots on the market this spring, check out the Xcel Drylock TS Split Toe.

I avoid using boots unless absolutely necessary, but prefer using Xcel Drylock TS Split Toe Boots when it’s to cold to go without them.

Xcel Drylock TS Split Toe Boots are some of the best on the market for a number of reasons.  The light and flexible sole help the surfer feel their board better than most other cold water boots on the market.  The seamless dry lock ankle, along with the rest of the boots blind-stitch construction prevents excessive flooding.  The Velcro strap is durable, so it won’t deteriorate. The split toe is covered, so leash hangup’s are not a problem.

For a couple more affordable, close quality boot options, check out the standard Xcel Dry Lock and Xcel Infinity boot at your local surf shop or on the Xcel website.

Only constructive criticism I have for Xcel on their high quality boots is that I’d like it if the Velcro strap was two to three times as wide as it is now, or if there were multiple small straps next to each other.  This would probably help ensure the boot stays ultra snug, hold even less water, and prevent flooding during violent wipeouts.

Photo: Xcel team rider Greg Long putting his boots to good use at Todos Santos, courtesy Facebook.

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