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Even though I pay for a health insurance policy in the USA each month, I still purchase secondary travel insurance with Global Underwriters.

Global Underwriters has your back when you need them most, and they have a cost-to-benefit ratio that is fair for traveling adventurers. You end up paying around $60 for a benefit of $1,000,000 — for a month-long overseas adventure.

I recommend Global Underwriters for a variety of reasons. They make it really simple to pick your policy deductible and benefit amount online, which only takes about five minutes. Nice not having to shuffle through tons of claim papers and plan details, or bother with a salesperson over the phone for a half-hour as you’re trying to pack for your trip.

Global Underwriters covers everything, from the Life Flight to the ambulance, hospital care — all the way through rehabilitation. Coma, paralysis, disappearance, and death are also covered, so you and your family are not leveled financially due to extreme circumstances. They even cover lost baggage, trip interruption, and emergency reunion.

If you are surfing, diving, or doing anything adventurous on your trip, make sure you check the Optional Riders Hazardous Activity button.That way you will be completely covered if you’re going big on your trip.

Seems like most of the standard insurance companies design loopholes in their plans to avoid paying claims for medical expenses abroad, which is why I feel it is a good idea to get travel insurance even if you already pay for health insurance in your home state or country. Global Underwriters travel insurance cuts out a lot of the B.S., skips the fine-print loopholes, pays the claims, and gets you home.

Check out the link to see what they’re all about.

I use Diplomat International with $100 deductible and $1,000,000 of coverage.


If you’re interested and have a minute to read, here’s a story that has been published a few times. It is about how travel insurance saved my ass with two Life Flights overseas and got me out of $100,000 in medical expenses. This wasn’t the only time I have had to use my travel medical insurance, but, having serious traumatic injuries in the middle of the South Pacific, it was the most crucial. LINK

If you’re interested in alternative plan options, here are a handful of other travel medical insurance companies to review, with some general information to go along with each plan.

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