Kick Rocks Morocco

A gang of little kids surrounded me in the street while I was walking to a friends house the other night. They were screaming at the top of their lungs, wanting to play soccer with me in the town square. There are usually 30 hectic drug dealers I have to get through down the street, so it was a nice change going through the kids.

After taking the bait to play, three of the kids quickly ran over to block a big goal marked by cement pillars, and started waving their arms, while shouting in Arabic. The soccer ball was sitting a few yards in front of the goal, set up perfectly.

Wanting to school the routy groms, I took a quick stride and blasted the crap out of the ball, kicking it as hard as I could.  It clumsily rolled a few feet away. “Ahhhh”! My foot went completely numb and started to throb.

The kids packed the deflated soccer ball full of jagged bricks.

I’m out of the water with a blown-up foot that might be broken.  In a way, the incident seems appropriate for life as of late.

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5 Responses to Kick Rocks Morocco

  1. DD says:

    whatttt!!!!!!!! little punk ass kids!!!!! you ok?

  2. Jason H. says:

    Ooooh man you got set up, fricking groms- try to stay positive bro, and pretend it happened on a giant floater….At least no helicopter rides! Advil my man- Advil….”RICE”- Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation…. Jason

  3. case says:

    Nightmare Johnny… I always seem to hurt myself out of the water on surf trips.

  4. Gordo says:

    Hey Johnny: bummer about your foot! Do you want me to connect with with our Morroccan doctor friends? I am sure they will do anything to help you. Let me know. Did you surf Anchor point?
    Aloha, Gordo

  5. rodgereales says:

    No way that is a radical prank, no holds bar from the kids. I got hosed down in Peru when I gave a kid my soda at a resturant and thought that was bad. Jeez those guys play for keeps. Heal fast amigo.

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