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It’s important to have the best personal watercraft outfit and tools available to help ensure critical rescues go well in challenging ocean conditions.

High Surf Accessories design and manufacture the most advanced personal watercraft equipment and rescue boards (also known as rescue sleds, tow sleds and tow surfing equipment) on the market today. Continual research and development in the most extreme conditions of the Hawaiian Islands ensure that their PWC equipment, rescue boards, and safety gear meet the increasing demand for durability and performance.

HSA products are chosen by the leaders in the lifesaving, water safety training, U.S. military and tow-surfing industries. Their mission is based upon the same proactive philosophy as the Hawaiian Lifeguards: “You can never be too prepared.” HSA aims to help you outfit your PWC with the best products so that you too can be properly prepared.

Regardless of your need for HSA, from lifeguard equipment, swift water rescue, military rescue, ocean rescue or tow-surfing rescue, HSA invites you to learn about High Surf Accessories and see what makes their products second to none.

Our crew of Boatman have made lots of rescues with HSA outfitted personal watercraft in the demanding conditions around Tavarua Island, Fiji. HSA equipment and designs are always dependable and effective in critical situations.  Some of the rescues include a broken back in big surf (where we immobilized the victim conveniently on the rescue sled), other broken and dislocated bones, uncontrolled bleeding, and a variety of near drownings.

HSA products and outfits are the best in the world. They help save lives, catch fish, transport goods, and get surfers some of the best waves of our lives.

Learn more about HSA here.


Photo: Courtesy HSA.
Video: Some tow in’s and rescues made with PWCs. Courtesy Red Bull.

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