RNF Classic 5’5 X 19 1/4 – Lost

Matt Biolos and his San Clemente team build some of the best surfboards in the world, and their hybrid fishes are particularlly good.

I’ve ridden most of the models that have come out of the Lost factory, and the 1997 RNF Classic is still one of their greatest designs. The 1997 RNF is for surfers looking for a fish with a sketchy-fun feel. If you want to shred crappy little waves like your on loose trucks in a skatepark, you’ll probably really like the 1997 RNF.

I don’t recommend it for surfers looking for a board that’s easy to get into waves and do power turns, but for those who have the ability and want to do some really fun mid 1990’s layback tail-slides and funky 360’s in the pocket of little waves – get on a 1997 RNF!

I grew up on Lost surf videos, and have probably seen 5’5 X 19 1/4 1000 times. The movie features a bunch of different pros shredding on hybrid fishes, and most of them are absolutely killing it on the (then new) 1997 RNF.

I recently ordered one from Rusty because he shapes most of my surfboards. If you’re interested, talk to the crew at Lost, Rusty, or your local shaper about getting one under your feet. Think Lost may be selling them as signed collectors items now, but sure you can still get your hands on one by placing a custom order. Could be a great board to share with your friends this summer.

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