La Jolla Legend

Nice to have a couple days at WindanSea with family and friends.

My incredibly smart and active Grandfather, Richard Farson, had a serious stroke while I was in Morocco, so it was important to come home and spend some quality time with him.

Felt great to take him out of the care center to watch the sunset at WindanSea, the beach where he has spent the majority of his life. Watching my Grandfather take in the beauty of his favorite place on earth was really special.

Also got to catch a couple waves while I was in town. Headed to Hawaii in the morning.

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2 Responses to La Jolla Legend

  1. steven baker says:

    Monster… we love Richard… truely one of the best people on the planet…Tracy and I are lucky to know him! We are sending positive thoughts his way… and sending thoughts of love to all the Farsons and Mahers!!

  2. Zachary Hitchcock says:

    Stay strong, Doctor Farson.

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