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The Mc DT is a Special Projects Design shaped by talented craftsman and artist, Jeff McCallum. It comes with either glass-on twin or quad fin’s, which in combination with the bullet template and diamond tail, allow for an extremely fast and maneuverable surfboard.

I recommend the Mc DT for surfers who enjoy taking traditional and soulful lines. It works great in the pocket and glides over fat sections. The flat deck allows for tremendous acceleration and a feeling that’s fun and different than the typical shortboard. The Mc DT works best in chest-high to overhead waves with long walls.

Ridden the Mc DT a handful of times in Mexico and California and had a blast each session. Joel Tudor rides his Mc DT all the time in a variety of conditions.

Recommended size range: 5’2” to 6’2”.

Check out the Mc DT and Jeff McCallum’s other great designs online at Kookbox. A variety of Jeff’s Kookbox surfboards can also be found at Mitch’s Surf Shop in La Jolla, CA.

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2 Responses to Mc DT Special Designs – Kookbox

  1. Michael says:

    I was looking for a board like the MC DT model, but i am not sure what would be a good size for me, so maybe you guys can give me some advise based on your knowledge. I love too charge heavy and i normally ride a 6’0 – 6’2 I am at least 200 lbs.
    P.S. looking for my magic board..

  2. John Maher says:

    If you like to charge, the Mc DT isn’t the board you want to order. You’ll want to get something with a narrower outline and a standard fin set-up. If you are still interested in a Mc DT, order one that’s about your height, around 6’2″ and contact Jeff through the post link to talk about getting a board that’s perfect for you. Get some barrels.

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