Underwater Island

It was a turbulent ride to Hawaii. After some flight delays due to extreme weather, the pilots finally got the go-ahead to run the gauntlet from Honolulu to the outer islands. Flight attendants weren’t allowed to leave their seats because the plane was bobbing and weaving through cumulus darkness.

After hydroplaning down the runway, I grabbed the truck and plowed my way to a friends house on the south side of Kauai.

The rain’s been so heavy that schools, businesses, and most of the roads have closed due to sinkholes, landslides, and water overflow. The communities on the north side of the island have been inaccessible for days.

We’re not hanging at the beach, but it’s still great to see friends over here in water world.

Photo:  Hanalei Valley before and after the storm, truck not crossing the road, and the newspaper headlines with doppler radar during my flight.  Courtesy Hawaii News Now.

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  1. Will Sooter says:

    Hey John, sorry to hear about your grand-father. I hope he has a successful recovery from his stroke.

    Thanks for the update on the rain in Kauai. The photos you posted (especially the one of Hanalei valley) are really something.

    Hope to see you at Blacks this season.
    Cheers, Will

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