Teahupoo, Tahiti Landing

Atmospheric conditions have lead me to Teahupoo, Tahiti.

Polluted with logs and goat carcasses, Kauai’s muddy, tiger shark patrolled waters, were less than refreshing the few days I was there. Torrential downpours, strong winds, flooding, and rode closures had me itching to make a quick move. With no sign of the storm letting up, I went with my gut and booked a last second escape rout to Tahiti, selling the farm for my plane ticket along the way.

After a quick and turbulent flight from Kauai to Oahu, I hitched a ride up to the North Shore to grab surfboards for Teahupoo, before heading back down to Honolulu to catch my flight to Tahiti.

Rolled into Teahupoo at 2am, caught up on 4 hours of sleep, and surfed all morning. Had a great session and am so stoked to be here. I love Tahiti.

Photo: Paddling out watching an Aussie charger bail his board under a good one during my last trip here.

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