Pray For Mike Prickett

Hawaii’s Mike Prickett, an internationally acclaimed underwater cinematographer from the North Shore of Oahu, has been partially paralyzed following a diving accident that occurred during a commercial filming job in Tahiti, according to a news release by Ocean Promotion.

The accident happened last Wednesday and he is still undergoing hyperbaric oxygen therapy in Papeete.

Prickett, 47, sustained a severe case of decompression sickness while saving the life of another diver on the job.

He was paralyzed from the chest down but regained some sensation in his legs Tuesdsay. Doctors are hopeful for his recovery.

“I was doing an underwater shoot for wetsuits and dive gear,” Prickett said. “I saw another diver sinking and panicking. I dove down to 220 feet to save him, but he used up all my air. I’m glad I was able to rescue him and he could walk away from the incident.

“I want to thank my family and friends for their prayers. I really need your prayers right now,” said Prickett.

Prickett was scheduled to appear next Wednesday, March 28, in a Talk Story event at the North Shore’s Surfer The Bar at Turtle Bay Resort.

A benefit for his medical and related expenses will now be held in its place.

Courtesy: Hawaii News Now.

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