Welcome To WindanSea

Good friend Derek Dunfee recently wrote an article called ‘Never Never Land, Welcome to Windansea, Get Ready to Self-Destruct’ that was published in Surfing Magazines May 2012 issue.  Really looking forward to reading it, haven’t been able to get the magazine down here in Tahiti yet.

While Dunfee was gathering content from the WindanSea community for the publication, he shot these rich and personal video portraits.

Hopefully the article, and those of us who have escaped oblivion in every community, will help influence future generations to make moves in positive directions. It’s so easy to unintentionally drift into reckless indulgence, and tragic when the lifestyle destroys and kills friends.

Courtesy: Erik Derman & Derek Dunfee.

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  1. baker says:

    So Rad!! I love all you fuckers!!!

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