Teahupoo Surf House Crew

The Teahupoo house has been a shelter for transient surfers trying to score mental waves on pasta budgets for the past decade. There’s a house like it near every perfect wave in the world. Pipeline has the Volcom house, Tavarua has the Boatmans Bure, and Teahupoo has Chaz Biff.

Staying in thrashed surf houses on the beach in front of epic waves has many advantages.  Not only do you get to watch the surf from the porch and score the best sessions each day, but there’s also a wealth of surf travel knowledge that’s shared between friends from all over the world who live and hang in the house.

All our traveling friends have common interests, look out for each other in and out of the water, and share our resources around the world with one another, so we can continue to get barreled in mental locations, on shoestring budgets, for as long as possible.

Here are my roommates and the rest of the Tahiti crew who are cruising at the house:

Tauru Hugo is a friendly Tahitian with a college education who recently made the transition from bodyboarding to surfing. He’s really smart, speaks a few languages, and makes a living sharing the history of Tahiti with visitors as he takes them on tours around the island.  Hugo packs bombs at Teahupoo with a smile – local knowledge.


Eugenio Barcelloni is one of the nicest guys ever, and happens to be one of the greatest surfers to ever come out of Italy. His mother owns a beautiful olive oil farm in the south of Italy, and he cooks some of the best food in the house. Check out the quality trailer for his new blog Walking The Waves.


Adam “Biff” D’Esposito is from the USA, and Simon Thornton is from Australia.  They’ve lived in the house the longest, and each paddle into the biggest waves that can be caught at Teahupoo every time it’s maxing.  They each work hard to find the best way to spend as much time in the barrel at Teahupoo as possible. Biff and Simon have both made great lives for themselves in Tahiti.



Domenic Mosqueira is an incredibly talented photographer who has lived all over the world, from Puerto Escondido to the Caribbean, and graduated from a gnarly photography school in Canada. Dom shoots fish-eye in the water every time Teahupoo is going off, and is an awesome person to hang and rap out with about anything. It’s so heavy swimming in the zone at Teahupoo, and I have a ton of respect for what he does out there.


Dean Fergus is an Australian bodyboard pro who owns a surf resort called Secret Sumatra in Indonesia. He also owns a company that provides some of the finest villas in Bali – BaliVillas.com.au.  He’s a great guy to talk ethical business with.


Ryan is a great toobrider from Big Island Hawaii, and has spent the last 10 years living in Tahiti. He’s surfed the best waves to crack the reef at Teahupoo, and has a really cool Tahitian family. Ryan always knows where to be to score insane waves around the French Polynesian islands. His point of view is soulful and always backed up with interesting facts. Supa’ cool braddah.

Ryan, photo: Domenic Mosqueira

There are a few other surfers in the area who hang at the house everyday, like globetrotting Brazilian charger Pedro Aguiar, a handful of Tahitian shredders like Tahurai Henry. Most of the pro surfers who come through Tahiti for strike missions from around the world cruise over to our place as well.



Life’s a trip, and it’s cool to share it with other like minded individuals. Our underground crew of charging friends is awesome to surf and cruise with.  Teahupoo brings us all together, and the house is where we spend most of our time talking story while recovering from violent wipeouts.

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  1. Jeff Taich says:

    yeah, john,
    your still there? i had to cash your check for biff as you signed it where the $ amount was to be.. got my bank to take it with a little modification. thats the way to do it there, hang for as long as you can cause when you get home its a real jungle…. and small… say hi to the boys for me and harley
    as harley is messed up still and we are stuck for now.

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