Global Odyssi Surfers First Aid Kit

Global Odyssi makes the most complete and compact first aid/wellness kits on the market. They’re specifically designed for traveling surfers, but are perfect for everyone.

Global Odyssi first aid kits have been field tested all over the world, from rural Indonesia to the deserted bad-lands of Mexico, and are proven to be effective in holding helpful remedies for just about every imaginable injury and symptom caused from surfing accidents, as well as non-surfing medical emergencies.

Any place or situation you find yourself needing a fix, Global Odyssi has you covered.

Being a 10 year Emergency Medical Technician, 13 year San Diego oceanfront lifeguard, Tavarua boatman, and adventurous traveler, I’m never without a stacked first aid kit to take care of everything from life-support, to minor scratches. I know what contents are needed to make a complete kit because I’ve been building and working with them for years, and Global Odyssi has the bases covered.

Global Odyssi makes two kits, The Original and The Nomad. Recently got The Nomad and am so stoked on it. The Nomad is perfect for my line of work (check link to see additional items included in The Nomad highlighted in blue), but I also highly recommend The Original.

The days of overpaying for a bunch of bulk items at the drug store to throw together a makeshift first aid kit in a plastic bag before heading out on adventurous surf trips are over. Now, just grab the convenient Odyssi pack (made from recycled PET), and throw it into the board-bag with the rest of your surf gear.

Global Odyssi first aid kits are also great to keep in your car and home because of their compact size and wide variety of useful contents. Kits even come equipped with an easy to read instruction manual to help walk through the contents and their uses.

Don’t let injury or sickness keep you out of the water on your next surf trip.

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