Small Kine Teahupoo Dance Party

Surf at Teahupoo’s been consistently overhead (sometimes much bigger), everyday since I got here a month ago, which has been amazing, but has also beaten me up pretty good. This week, a high pressure system moved over Tahiti which brought beautiful clear skies, but also caused the surf to drop, allowing for some needed recovery time.

Figured it was a good window to take a trip into Papeete town for the first time this trip as well, so cruised the two hour drive with local friends, and ended up having a blast back in society. Mowed a big steak dinner before boogieing at some funny all-night dance club until the sun came up.

We all crashed at a friends house on the north-east side of the island (opposite Teahupoo), and the next day got to check out some hidden surf spots and beautiful sights I hadn’t seen, before heading back to the Teahupoo jungle that evening.

What’s great about Teahupoo is that even when the surf is small, it’s still really hollow. It was nice to go to town, but better back in the jungle.

Surf Photos: Domenic Mosqheira. I borrowed Flynn Novak’s board since mine got stolen.

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  1. Levi says:

    Soooo deep! You ride the foam ball like its name is seabiscit. Great shots man, keep em coming!

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