CFO – Christenson Surfboards

Chris Christenson in an incredibly talented surfboard shaper.

Have had the opportunity to ride Christenson’s old-school longboards, small wave fishes, hi-performance shortboards, and even his big wave rhino chasers (like the one Greg Long won the Eddie Aikau Invitational on), and am always stoked on them.

Decided to feature the Christenson CFO for a few reasons. Firstly, it’s bonzer glass-on side fins and center box set-up is unlike most other contemporary designs. Secondly, the wide egg-like outline is practical, and fun in mellow waves (which is what we ride most of the time in Southern California). Lastly, it’s retro but Chris has added a conventional bottom, deck, and rails to it so it turns and glides well.

The combination of features come together to create a really fun board for cruising, and I’ve found the CFO works particularly well in rolling reef breaks.

The CFO is very forgiving, paddles great, is unique in look and feel, and will help you enjoy surfing gutless waves around the neighborhood. I recommend it to anyone looking for something different in their quiver.

Check out the CFO and Chris’s other great surfboards at

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