Headhunter Face Stick 45

Headhunter SPF 45 Face Sticks are a tinted, dry powder formula. What’s unique about Headhunter Face Sticks are their hands free application, convenient small size, and special formula that can be applied in the water. The formula also stays visible on your skin, so you know it’s working.

Face Sticks are great for traveling, and recommended for people with fair skin. They’re convenient to keep in your boardshorts pocket while your surfing, and easily fit in small bags while you’re traveling around or heading to the beach.

Been using a Headhunter Face Stick during eight hour sessions under the Tahitian sun, while surfing Teahupoo everyday for a couple months, and the product is working great. Lot’s of San Diego lifeguards also swear by the quality.

Headhunter Face Sticks cost a fraction of the price of their competitors, helping surfers on a budget continue to live the dream and stay protected.

Check them out and get a discount from HeadhunterSurf.com

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  1. thagoose says:

    i’ve been using headhunter in the light brown for a year or so, my second stick just ran out. i needed something to protect my face while surfing yesterday so i grabbed a vertra face stick thinking that the extra 10 spf and 50% more cost would at least provide equal protection. i got freaking scorched, spent all last night rubbing cold aloe on my face. going to make sure i get headhunter before i hit the water again.

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