C4 Waterman Rescue iSLED

Haven’t used many C4 Waterman products before, but two friends (one who surfs big waves and another who works as a firefighter in Hawaii) recommend I check out the iSLED. They told me that because iSLED’s a rugged inflatable, it stays light, and is more maneuverable than traditional rescue sleds.

Really interested in testing an iSLED to see how it works for lifeguarding and surfing big waves. If anyone has used one, be great to hear what you think.

Here’s some interesting iSLED information I found on the C4 Waterman website C4Waterman.com.

– iSLED is designed for travel, safety, portability, durability and performance.
– Custom iRESCUE rigging and hardware is included with each iSLED.
– Tested and approved by Maui Fire Department and Lifeguards. Also used by Hollywood’s top stunt men for water safety.
– iSLED deflates easily for travel and storage.
– Includes travel bag, high-volume hand pump with pressure gauge for quick and easy inflation.
– Safer point of contact compared to foam core/ EVA-styled sleds.
– Additional heavy-duty friction minimizing fabric on nose section of sled to increase longevity.
– The iSLED is soft on impact but rigid and stable under maximum capacity in all water conditions.
– Ten ergonomic, welded, skeletal-structured webbing handles.
– The iSLED comes in Rescue colors and/or agency specific color schemes and logos when need.
– Thoroughly tested dimensions and volume to work with all makes of Jet skis, the iSLED is capable of all rescue demands.
– Heavy-duty, military quality construction, double thickness PVC with UV resistant coatings.
– Heavy-duty stainless steel and forged plastic attachment points. Stiff and stable in all water conditions.
– Faster through the water than hard sleds due to proprietary dimpled skin.
– The outline and the rocker is carefully calibrated to work in harmony with the flex pattern of the iSLED when it is energized by the ski.

Dimensions: 70”x41.5×4 under 23 lbs deflated.

iSLED’s in use around the 1:00 mark.

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