Board Bog

Board Bog is a unique new board-repair product that will fix any type of board for water-sports use.

It’s a malleable patch that is designed to temporarily seal any ding and can be left on for as long as required. It will never leak or come off until intentionally removed. It’s different from most other repair products since it has no curing/drying time and there is no need to sand it.

After application, just smooth it on with your finger and get back in the water.

Photo: Board Bog applied to the rail, sealing a ding.

Board Bog is a quick fix for both polyester and epoxy boards (surfboards, SUPs, kite boards, wakeboards, sail boards):

An easy-to-use temporary or permanent repair.
Pulls off with minimal residue if you want the professional fix.
Super sticky so it will stay on in any conditions.
Travel-safe so you can take it on any surf trip.
Totally frictionless when wet.
No sanding or drying time—as soon as you finish applying it, you can surf it.
Specially formulated to never completely harden, for easy removal.

Video: Using Board Bog as a great quick fix for a ding on my rail in between surf sessions in Tavarua, Fiji.

After surfing for a few days while using Board Bog as a temporary repair for a ding in my rail, I found that the product works great. I recommend it for any surfboard quick fix.

It’s affordable, practical, and gets the job done.

Board Bog is made in Australia but can be found in the USA through Del Mar Surf Distribution.

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  1. G’day John and thanks for your review of Board Bog.
    We really appreciate you taking the time to try out our product and giving an unbiased demonstration on how easy it is to use.
    And another big thanks to Del Mar Surf Distribution for everything they’re doing for us in the US
    Board Bog Team

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