La Boheme – Matuse

Hi girls, Matuse just released a new wetsuit for summer that looks beautiful.

La Boheme is part of their Geometry collection (collaboration between Matuse and Alexandra Cassaniti). It’s designed to encompass function, fashion, and comfort.

La Boheme is a 0.5mm reversible suit (black Hydrasilk on one side and an almost-lavender hue on the other), made from the finest Geoprene and Hydrasilk in Osaka, Japan.

It’s ideal for the girl that wants a simple yet stylish way to stay warm during the summer months. Insulating without suffocating, versatile yet functional. The Geometry lineup does a little bit of everything and La Boheme is a great addition to the line.

Funny, I recently read an article about how women surfers are disappointed in the surf industries lack of fashionable wetsuits for women. Looks like Matuse is ahead of the game, like always.

Check out La Boheme details and order online at

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