Volcom Fiji Pro Teaser

Volcom is putting on one of the most incredible surf competitions in the world at my second home – Tavarua, Fiji. Stoked they used a clip of me for the contest teaser (14 sec mark).

Hungry Walrus is sponsoring one of my good friends, local Fijian Isei. We gave him three Eric Arakawa surfboards and are all pulling for him to win the trials so he can get the spot in the main event, where he’ll face Kelly Slater in the first round. A few years ago Isei almost beat Slater by getting a perfect 10 point ride at Restaurants in the Quiksliver Fiji Pro. A rematch would be awesome!

Surf Photo: Scott Winer took it of me at Cloudbreak during a Volcom trip last year.  I took the other shot of Isei at the boatmans bure when we put him on the team.

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  1. Willy González says:

    Lako Esai! As they say in Fiji, I’m really looking forward to check the surf in a couple of weeks, the only bad thing is there is no room for spectators ! Anyway hope Esay rides buenas olas!

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