LifeProof Waterproof iPhone Case

LifeProof iPhone 4 / 4S Underwater Waterproof Ultra Slim Carrying Case (Black) works insane. The case allows you to capture high-quality footage with your iPhone in the water. Highly recommended over any other waterproof iPhone cases. They work great for taking photos, videos, and listening to music while your below sea level.

Video taken by Justin Cote at TransWorld Surf.

LifeProof full waterproof protection:

The LifeProof™ case has a unique design that makes it waterproof to a rated depth of 2 Meters (6.6ft) exceeding IP-68, the highest ‘International Protection’ rating. No other pocketable everyday case provides submersible protection.

Film Underwater Movies:

Now you can leave your clunky underwater camera at home. With LifeProof you film the sights and sounds of the kids underwater in the pool, or fish and coral as you’re snorkeling. The double AR-coated optical glass lenses provides unprecedented crystal-clear photo and video quality both above and below water.

Swimming and Surfing:

Use your LifeProof™ device while surfing on the beach, athletic swimming or simply doing laps in the pool, your LifeProof™ case will protect your device up to a depth of 6.6 feet (2 meters). The speakerphone works above water to allow you to take hands-free calls.

Some of the best surf photographers in the world, such as Daniel Russo and Zak Noyle, are using LifeProof cases to help document surf trips, and are creating incredible images with them.

Photo: Daniel Russo.

Photo: Zak Noyle.

If you want to listen to headphones when you are in water (surfing or swimming), simply screw off the ‘bung’ on the top of your LifeProof™ case and deploy waterproof headphones along with the LifeProof™ waterproof headphone adapters (available separately at the LifeProof Store), and you’ll have music in your ears.

If you’re interested in purchasing the LifeProof iPhone 4 / 4S Underwater Waterproof Ultra Slim Case, please consider doing so through the site link below.  You’ll get the best price available on, and I’ll get a small commission to keep the site moving.

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2 Responses to LifeProof Waterproof iPhone Case

  1. case says:

    They are a San Diego company as well. Keep it Local.

  2. sam says:

    There is another option that is less bulky and you dont have to worry about ruining your phone its a nano ipod dipped in some solution that makes it waterproof i think its like under 100 bucks and comes with headphones. my buddy up here has it and uses it to swim laps and stand up paddle. google it, he cant find the name of where he got it from :)

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