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Recently found out about the quality of Beeline from JD Irons (pro surfer and environment/health conscious friend from Hawaii), while we were traveling on a surf trip through Tahiti.

Beeline’s made using 100% organic hemp string dipped into 100% organic beeswax, creating a healthier alternative to butane lighters and matches, while providing a long-lasting, high-quality flame.

Beeline’s great for camping because the flame burns long and strong outside in the elements, and can even tolerate rain. It’s great for starting fires, and commonly used to light medicinal herbs, pipes, fine cigars, and hand-rolled tobacco cigarettes. I don’t smoke, but am told first time users notice a truer taste in their smoke.

JD Irons on Beeline –

“I always travel with Beeline! It has so many different uses, and it’s waterproof. Fire can be of real value when your traveling, and Beeline is the best way to keep it. It’s important to cover the essentials, and starting fires with Beeline to keep warm, cook food, and boil water, is the best way to do it. Beeline’s also great twine when it’s not burning, because hemp is natures strongest fiber. I’ve even used it to make a leash-string for my surfboard when I didn’t have one.”

JD Irons –

“With Beeline I have a better flame that extends the life of my lighter by at least 10 times, helping to reduce the amount of plastic and chemicals that it takes to make lighters. I love the clean, healthy lifestyle Beeline promotes, and I never leave home without it!”

Check out all Beeline’s eco-cauncious products online at

All beeline packs, display boxes, and literature is printed on recycled hemp paper.

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  1. thagoose says:

    i don’t use beeline for pipes or bongs anymore because i noticed when i’d get really winded i’d start coughing up bits of beeswax from the back of my throat and sinuses. love the taste, saving lighters and convenience but i think it’s just a little over waxed for puffing yer meds.

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