Siren Surf Short For Women – Matuse

A girlfriend who surfs everyday recently told me all about the new Matuse women’s Siren Short. She said the Siren Short’s perfect for summer, and are great for surfing because they’re snug n’ secure, are really comfortable, and that she feels sexy-confident in them.

Like all of Matuse Wetsuits, Siren Shorts are made out of high-quality Hydrasilk and Geoprene, and can be worn with or without a bikini-bottom.

If you purchase the Siren Shorts online, you’ll receive the bottom only. The top (seen above) is from the Matuse Geometry Surf Bikini.

If you like to surf and want hot bottoms to get wet in this summer, Siren Shorts could be your best bet. Check out more details online at

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  1. Amber says:

    Oooh I want these now. I like dressing like a surfer girl, not necessarily a girl who surfs with pink flowers all over everything…so I love that these are girly without being too in-your-face. Thanks for posting about these!

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