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Looking for a great Stand Up Paddle Board for a good price? Check out Tava from Isle Surfboards in San Diego.

After holding-out for years, I recently invested in a SUP for a bunch of reasons. They’re peaceful to cruise, are a fun workout, and get me in the ocean when it’s flat.

Was in the market for a stable board with full tail-to-nose traction, for exploring and transporting my short surfboards, dive gear, fishing outfits, and girlfriends, to outer reefs in the tropics, and kelp beds in California.  Pretty much using the SUP as a substitute to a kayak, longboard, or boat.

Dedicated to getting a solid board for the lowest price, I started asking friends in the surf industry, stand up paddle boarders in the lineup, and calling manufacturers directly, over the course of a year or so.

So much material goes into building an EPS SUP and carbon-fiber paddle, so even with narrow margins, SUP builders generally have a difficult time keeping prices down. Understanding this, I was expecting to drop an entire paycheck on a quality board, and happily walked out the door spending much less, with a quality paddle included.

There’s a wide range of boards available at Isle, and I decided to go with the Tava 11’2 x 33″ to suit my SUP needs.

Highly recommend going with Tava at Isle Surfboards. The board and carbon-fiber paddle have exceeded my expectations in quality, durability, and handling. Tava makes boards for women and men, a size and style for your ability, and offer the lowest prices from good people at Isle.

You can find Tava at Isle Surfboards in San Diego, and they offer great packages with board, paddle, fins, boardbag, and leash included. They’ll also ship directly to your home if you like.

Check em’ out, you’ll be stoked – TAVA

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