New Dane Reynolds Captain Fin

Dane Reynolds and Captain Fin Company teamed up and put out a new Summer Teeth fin. It’s the Al Merrick template with alternative wave slider Alex Knost art. The fin features Dane’s preferred cant (cant of a fin is the angle it makes in relation to the bottom of the surfboard), and has lot’s of foil which provides good flex and scoot. It’s a great combination for turbo-boosting your local surf spot.

Got all the photos and information off Dane’s website marinelayerproductions. I’ve ridden the same template and thought it worked insane in fun waves, but when the surf gets solid or powerful, I prefer to use a different set, like the fiberglass Rusty or EA fins.

These Dane Reynolds fins work great for your average shred fest out front.  Not sure when they’ll be available – they may be already?  You’ll probably be able to find them on the Captain website soon.

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