David Rastovich’s Alternative Approach

David Rastovich is an eco-conscious professional free-surfer who rides alternative equipment than the majority of professionals, which he uses to take alternative lines.

Had the chance to surf with him for a week on Tavarua a few years ago. He was riding a 6’0 twin-fin at eight foot Cloudbreak, and made it look easy.

David puts his surfing popularity toward positive environmental change and conservation, which is really cool. He’s been a huge advocate in stopping the Japanese from continuing on with dolphin and whale slaughter. He is also a part of Sea Sheppard.

Video is rustic but artistic. I took the photos of Rasta, his wife Hannah Mermaid, and there model friend during that Tavarua trip. The girls were using the mermaid outfits under water and got some beautiful footage. Think that Hannah is now famous because of that tail. They’re all nice people.

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