Spent the morning surfing fun waves at an outer reef pass before taking the boat to a motu (small island) in the lagoon for lunch.

While we were on the motu, Francoise pointed out a small mountain peak that has a steep trail to the top, and suggested we spend the afternoon up there.

Danjéré, Eugenio, Raff, Francoise, the dog, and I, all piled into a little car and blazed over to the trail head. The climb wasn’t easy because the path was rough and over-grown since few people use it.

The view from the top was incredible. Looked over the motu we had lunch at, and could check out the slow moving town below. Since the water is so clear, it was easy to see the reef passes, boat channels, and sandbars.

We stayed up there long enough to watch the sunset, but none of us brought a flashlight. Had to scale back down the mountain in darkness. I don’t have any shoes, and blew out my slippers earlier that day, so it was tricky getting down the rocks without annihilating my feet.

Was great to get another perspective on the island, and to have such fun local company to cruise and show us the spots we would have never found on our own. Looking forward to SCUBA diving tomorrow.

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