Nixon TPS Portable Stereo Speaker

Nixon TPS Mobile Speaker pushes big sound out of computers, gives life to naked rooms on the road, and gets the party started at the beach, skatepark, poolside, campsite, and anywhere else you want music.

Nixon TPS Mobile Speaker is convenient for travel due to it’s durability, and sleek, lightweight frame.  Great accessory for computers or any other audio device.  Like it more than most speakers on the market because of it’s simplicity, shape, toughness, additional speaker hook-up option, look, and sound quality.

Easily slide down the base of the TPS to stash wires and jacks while not in use.

It’s cool and unique that the Nixon TPS Mobile Speaker runs off a rechargeable battery that gets juiced-up by USB jack in your computer or any other USP port.

Works with all media players and notebook computers.
Rechargeable lithium-ion battery provides up to 6 hours of playtime.
Extruded aluminum body with sand resistant grill.
Interconnect two units for enhanced stereo separation and volume.
Integrated cable management system.
Output Power: 2 W RMS x 2.

Highly recommend Nixon TPS Mobile Speaker to anyone interested in a reliable travel companion that pumps out high-quality sound anywhere you wish.  Nixon makes some of the best products for surfers, skaters, travelers, and snowboarders, because their designers and engineers are out there charging with us.  Nixon rules.

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