14 Year Old Matahi Drollet Charges!

Recently spent a few months surfing Teahupoo with Matahi Drollet, Manoa’s 14 year old brother. Manoa was the best surfer at Teahupoo for the past decade or so, and it looks like Matahi is picking up where he left off.

Matahi is a really nice kid. Super friendly, and charges so hard. Had some sessions at big Teahupoo with Raimana, Manoa, and Matahi all out together, and the big boys were calling the kid into some monsters which he rushed with fearlessness. Matahi slammed the reef pretty hard a few times, but always came back out smiling and pulling into the next one.

This kid is going to be the next best surfer from Tahiti, mark my words.

Le Boss du Spot aujourd’hui, Un p’tit gars de 14 ans, Matahi Drollet tracté par Le Roi du Spot, Manoa Drollet. MaXRespecT les frangins.

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