Slackerr – New Rusty Pro Model

Slackerr’s the latest pro model from Rusty Surfboards.

Josh Kerr was looking for a board between a performance shortboard (Jokerr), and a groveler (Dozer).  A shortboard with competition attributes, and a little bit of grovel friendly personality.  A board for everyday surf.  The Slackerr’s what Rusty and Josh came up with.

The Slackerr is all about versatility. It’s a great board in waves from 1 to 6 feet, goes on rail like a standard shortboard in steep pockets, flys over flat sections like a hybrid fish, and offers easily controlled tail release.

Josh talks about how the Slackerr came about.

The Slackerr’s a high-performance surfboard for average conditions. Josh spends a lot of time in California, which is where he got inspiration for his new pro model.

Check the video to watch Josh blow-up on his new Slackerr.

Josh is 155lbs and rides a 5’8” Slackerr. Recommend ordering one an inch shorter than your shortboard.

I have a blast riding the Slacker in San Diego, and everyone I’ve talked to who’s had a chance to surf one is stoked on it.

Popular Dimensions:

5’6” 18.38 2.25 23.1 L
5’8” 18.63 2.30 24.5 L
5’10” 18.87 2.35 26.0 L
6’0” 19.125 2.4 27.9 L
6’2” 19.375 2.5 30.2 L
6’4” 19.625 2.60 33.0 L

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  1. Stephen Moroney says:

    Hi I’m Steve just inquiring about 6’4 surfboard. The price and about getting it shipped to Australia

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