Coffin Brothers Surfing Teahupoo Tahiti

Known the Coffin brothers, Parker and Conner, since they were 10 years old or maybe even younger. They used hang on Tavarua while I was working out there. The Coffins have always been really awesome kids and incredible surfers with great style. They’ve always charged big waves too. Now they’re growing up and ruling the surf world.

While I was living in Tahiti the past few months, the Reef team (which I was a part of until last year), flew the Coffins, Nick Rozsa, Luke Davies, Janna Irons, and a couple other people down to stay with Raimana and surf Teahupoo.

We didn’t get any big surf while they were there, but it sure was fun. The video was shot over a couple sessions, and the Coffins owned it.

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